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How to Optimize your Instagram Account for More Sales

The first thing I’ll tell you here is that your personal Instagram account should be different from your business account. Pictures and videos from your night out with friends shouldn’t appear on your business page. It’s one of the things that discourage potential customers. I’ll talk more on this aspect sometime later. Just make sure that your instagram business page is about your business and nothing more.

Having cleared that up, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

How do you make your IG account attract more customers?

Add a Link to Your Website or Landing Page

The way Instagram works, you can’t add a direct link to a website in your posts. If you add the site’s address to a post, it doesn’t allow your followers to click directly. They have to copy the link and paste elsewhere to access the web page. That’s a process no one wants to go through. 

The link in bio option allows you to put a link in your instagram bio. This link is clickable, and takes you straight to the corresponding webpage. If you’re following, this means that you should have a website, bog or at least a landing page that your IG account links. 

Why do you need a website or landing page?

A website gives you the opportunity to showcase your merchandise all in one place. It gives your potential customer a  layout that they can navigate to see what you’re selling. On Instagram, your followers’ attention is divided. 

They only check your posts long enough to either like or swipe up. With a website or sales landing page, you can get their full attention and close your sales more easily. Thankfully, building a website is not as challenging as it used to be. 

You can hire developers to help you out at an affordable price. If you’re selling a single product, say, a course for example, you may not need a whole website. A sales landing page will be enough. With Ducecampaign you’ll have a sales page that makes the selling process smooth.

Stay Consistent with Branding

The appearance of your brand matters a lot. Your logo, mockups, designs and even smaller details like fonts must be consistent. People should recognize your brand everytime they come across it. 

Most times, you showcase your business on platforms other than instagram. When you do, make sure you use the same logos, and appearances. It takes about 5-7 interactions to make your brand stick to people’s minds. Make those interactions count by having brand consistency.

Include a Catchy Bio

Your Instagram Bio is your opportunity to explain what you’re selling to potential customers. Even though you’re trying to get them to buy, make sure you don’t sound too pushy – that can be a little off-putting. Also, you may include current sales campaigns in your bio. For example, if you’re doing Christmas Sales, you can show it on your bio. Lastly, remember to add the link.

Wrap Up

Of course, these 3 tips are just the tip of the iceberg. In subsequent articles, we’ll explore other actions that can draw in more customers for you.

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