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Personal use & starters
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For SMEs
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For scalable web servers. Go for our enterprise package. Let’s discuss your customization and scalable web resource servers that need more advance features.

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Clients' Testimonials

We have had the privilege of working with Duce Campaign for the past year. Our experience has been amazing. Not only do they "drive results", but they are a first-class agency when it comes to customer care.

Oluwafemi Adekunle Mediglow NG

They always listen to our questions and provide professional and timely feedback. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their SEO!

Mr Daniel Grokbrand

The staff at Duce Campaign has helped our company gain more exposure and obtain higher ranking SEO consistently. The results of our campaign have been very successful and have been much better than the prior company we used.

Bebis Cribs Bebis Cribs

All of Our Plans Include.

With Ducehost Shared Hosting you get access to all the features, tools, and guidance you need to create and launch an impressive WordPress website.
Resource Protection
Your site’s speed and security remains unaffected even if other sites are hosted on the same server.
Responsive Client Portal
Using our centralized domain manager, you can easily make changes, transfer, and manage your domains.
Auto SSL

Safeguard e-commerce transaction, personal data as well as other critical information by using encrypted connections.


Set up your online store in minutes.

Step one, create your online store. Step two, streamline inventory  management and get real-time analytics. With the 75% quicker Online Store + Marketplace, everything you need to sell online is now within your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shared hosting?

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages because it provides a cost-effective approach to get your website online. Shared hosting allows for several users to share a single server that is managed and maintained by the hosting company (Ducehost). The features and services included in a Shared Hosting plan may be selected from among those made available by the hosting service itself, or from among those made available in other plans. Shared hosting from Ducehost is great for personal blogs, hobby sites, and small businesses.

What are Shared Hosting Benefits?

The primary advantage of signing up for a Shared Hosting package is the cost-effectiveness of the service. In addition to a wide selection of features, our managed shared hosting platform removes the burden of server administration and software updates from the shoulders of our customers. An SSL certificate, domain name, and more are all part of the Ducehost Shared Hosting plan.

What is the difference Shared and WordPress Hosting?

Hosting is essential for any website owner who wants their site to be accessible online. New users can get started with WordPress on shared hosting at a modest price. WordPress is pre-installed and ready to go for each site hosted on Ducehost. The automated upgrades and installation of WordPress that come standard with shared WordPress hosting are just the beginning of the ease and convenience that comes with using WordPress.

How do I get started with Shared Hosting?

Ducehost's hosting services are designed to make it simple for our customers to launch their websites. A Shared Web Hosting plan can be chosen on the Ducehost website. The costs and benefits of these options range widely. Once you've decided on a hosting plan, we'll promptly deploy the latest version of WordPress. If you've already registered, then it's time to get your site online.

How do I migrate to Ducehost?

Help with migration is required if you already have a website and are thinking about switching web hosts. The migration solution offered by Ducehost ensures that your data is transported safely and accurately. We want to make sure you have the greatest experience possible during this potentially long and complex process of migrating your website, so we've assembled a dedicated team of professionals to help you out.

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D.I.Y. with 24/7 Support

Every Ducehost account comes with free 24/7 support and access to our how-to guide books.

Expert 1:1 Building Guidance

Add Duce Sky live support for hands-on WordPress website guidance every step of the way.

We Build It For You

Our design team can create your entire website for you. It’s the easiest way to go from startup to success.

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