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5 Essential Features of a Ducehost Business Website

What makes one website better than another? Why would visitors stay on one website and leave another?

To achieve your business goals with your website, there are some basic components that must be present. Without these, your visitors will have a substandard experience. Most likely, they wouldn’t be encouraged to take action.

In this article, I show you 5 features that your website must have to ensure that it serves its purpose.

The header and menu

The “header”  is the uppermost part of a website. It’s often the first thing that visitors see that usually contains the brand logo.

No matter where your website visitors go from the home page, the header always remains. Most times, clicking your brand logo on the header takes them back to your home page.

The “menu” is the map of the site that helps visitors find what they’re looking for.

A full professional website is expected to have at least 5 pages. These would include the “home page”, product/services page, the about us page, and a couple of others.

The menu helps your visitors easily find their way to a specific part of your website rather than wander aimlessly.


Immediately below the header is some form of an image, series of images, or sometimes a video.

Images and videos tell stories in a way that words can’t. The first image on your website can be informative or grab your visitor’s attention. 

We can also add videos instead of images if it passes the information much better. At times, you may have a lot of things to say to your new website visitor. Using many words here would only put them off and increase your bounce rate.

Here, a well-recorded and edited video will not only capture their attention but keep them glued to their screen till the end.

Website Copy

A copy typically means the words written on your site that explain what your website is about, what you have to offer, and how site visitors can take advantage of your offerings.

On the surface, it’s easy to describe your product or service to a website visitor and hope that they’re convinced to take action.

However, if you want better results, you need website content that is well crafted to create an emotional response from your prospects.

Such engaging and result-driven website content does not come easy. It takes trained professional copywriters. 

At Ducehost,  our highly experienced copywriters use tested and trusted methods to craft convincing content for your websites. We ensure that your website visitors carry out your desired action every single time.

The Footer

A footer is the bottom-most part of any site. It usually contains a sitemap with links to the pages available on your site.

Like the header, a footer maintains its position regardless of the page you open. It also offers a one-click gateway to important parts of the website like the blog, about us, and the contact page.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is simply where your website lives online. Although it doesn’t seem like it, all websites take up space on servers

Your website’s hosting platform has a lot of influence on the quality of the user experience on your website.

For the best website performance, you need a secure host. Also, your website host can determine how fast your website loads and how large your website files can be.


Another crucial element that your host must have is backup capability. If you lose some of your website files, an efficient web host should have  backup ready.

It’s impossible to have a website without hosting – and since it’s a crucial first step, don’t you think you should choose a tested and trusted host?

Ducehost is the chosen website host for several businesses across Africa. If you want to be 100% certain that your website will keep satisfying your prospects and customers 24/7, Ducehost is the way to go.

 A Bonus Feature

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your site findable on search engines. It involves optimizing the content, images, design, and structure of your site.

Typically, SEO is a separate package at Ducehost,  but we recognize that it is a vital step in getting your site ready for business.

That’s why we added it as a premium bonus benefit for every customer who chooses Ducehost for their website. 

With Ducehost, you can get so much more while spending less. Take the smart step and let’s help move your business forward.

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