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How To Improve The Conversion On Your Landing Page | Ducehost

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How to Improve the Conversion on Your Landing Page

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A landing page is a web page that’s created with one specific goal in mind. For example, if you run ads on social media, whoever clicks that ad is taken to a landing page designed to make them buy that product being advertised.

Sometimes, the goal of a landing page is simply to get contacts of those who visit. Whatever your goals are, you must consider these factors to have a great landing page.

Keep your text short

Have you ever thought about what people have on their minds once they open your page?

Always have it in mind that when anyone visits your page, there are countless other pages that offer the same service you are offering.  Once they can’t immediately see what they are looking they need on your page, they move elsewhere.

Hence, your page cannot afford to mess around, your visitors must immediately see that you can proffer solutions to their needs just at a glance on your page.

Statistics have shown that 80% of people only look at headlines, so if you can’t communicate benefits to them in 6-8 words then you need to revisit your page headline.

Aside from being able to communicate in a precise manner to your visitors, providing sufficient information on your landing page also helps your market effectiveness.

A User-Friendly Interface

What is the purpose of a page if your visitors find it clustered and couldn’t help themselves with basic information? Oftentimes, we flood our pages with information that is not really necessary, and we have important information buried somewhere on the page.

People want to visit a page that easily provides clear, important, and structured information.

According to research by Adobe, 58% of users will skim the article if they are time-constrained. So, it’s important to keep our page as simple as possible.

Also, it has been proven that simple designs are timeless. You won’t have to worry about your design approach for a long time.

Focus on your Call To Action

Let your visitors know exactly what you want them to do when they visit your website.

Once your website users land on your page, there should be an indicator that tells them where to go or what to do next.

With a powerful CTA, you can get this done. It enables you to encourage your visitors to take the desired action without having to contact you first.

Stick to Brand Colors

As much as we put into consideration our on-brand messaging, visual consistency is also what we should never overlook.

Every interaction with your brand goes a step further in creating an impression and increasing trust. Hence, it’s essential that you have that consistency so that each interaction counts.

Your text, imagery, and every other element on your page must present the same offer and look similar virtually. If not your users might get confused when they visit your page.

Keep your visitors engaged on the page

Your focus on your landing page should be getting the core information to your users without them navigating around on your page.

When there are too many navigation keys on your page, this can distract your users and reduce your conversion rate.

Remove all navigation elements that could lead the users away from the page. According to Bryan Coles of RKD, The best way to increase conversions on your landing page is to remove the site menu on your landing page as it will keep your users focus solely on the page.

Do you need a landing page that is custom-made to bring you sales? Here at Ducehost, our team of web developers, marketers, and salesmen, are ready to make that happen. Contact us today and watch your sales multiply.


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