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Actionable Strategies for Ecommerce Marketing


In order to succeed with an e-commerce business, a client-centered e-commerce marketing plan is a necessity.

But before we dive into strategies required for e-commerce marketing, let’s make sure that we are on the same page.

 What is ecommerce marketing?

E-commerce marketing is the act or practice of driving or creating awareness or driving traffic on your website and converting them into buying customers.

 It can also be defined as the action taken which involves advertisement, email campaign, etc. to generate sales on your product and services electronically.

Now the good news is that there are one thousand and one ways to go about your e-commerce marketing, but the challenge is doing it the right way and going the right way about it.

From SEO to Email marketing to Facebook and Google ads, there are so many more.

You can choose from paid strategies to non-paid strategies and see the one that works best for your business conversion. 

Now, another aspect of e-commerce marketing you need to understand is that we have different types.

Let’s check out the most common of them…

Social media marketing

It is the use of social media to create and share content for the purpose of marketing and branding. It is the use of social networks to create awareness for your product and services for the purpose of selling.

Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of your website on google for the purpose of visibility. It is the way of marketing your business through paid advertisement.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the promotion of your business via email messaging.  On a larger scale, it includes email automation and sequences to move leads from one level of the sales funnel to the next.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the practice of sharing online materials such as videos, blogs, eBooks, etc. for the purpose of promoting sales and creating awareness on the website.

Influencer marketing

Of course, we are familiar with influencers on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Influencer marketing is simply using influencers to reach out to a large number of people especially their followers to create awareness for your product.

In this article, we have broken down the cores of marketing for online retail, so you can learn how best to build your brand, drive sales and grow your business. Follow these 4 strategies for successful e-commerce digital marketing.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO makes your website more visible on search engine result pages. One of the key tactics for successful Ecommerce SEO is the use of keywords. Carefully research keywords that you know your customers might be searching for and include them in your website content. 

Effective SEO for your online store should optimize all landing and product pages

Email marketing

Email marketing is a key component of a robust customer funnel and essential for successful ecommerce digital marketing. Email marketing is a great way of marketing to your customers directly. Email marketing will help keep your customers abreast of information regarding your product and services.

Compelling Content

Content marketing includes any of the creative assets you develop to drive conversions, including clicks, sign-ups, downloads, and even sales.

Your content marketing should be focused on creating and sharing educative, informative, and entertaining content. If your contents are compelling and consistent, you will retain your audience.

Retention marketing

Is the act of keeping and engaging existing customers. The purpose of every good business is to keep existing customers while searching for new ones. Focusing on bringing back old customers who you’ve done business with a long time ago and adding extra value to your services with them.

Lastly, explore intelligent ad campaigns. Digital ad campaigns can be a powerful boost to an ecommerce marketing strategy.

Plus, advertising is extremely versatile in the sense that it can be used on almost every channel.

Do you need help monetizing your ecommerce website? Or you want to build one for yourself, schedule a meeting with our business and website development team to get started.


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