How We Create a Professional Service-Based Website For You in 5 Steps

As a service provider trying hard to reach new consumers both online and offline, you know that the game right now is online audience. 

That’s where the market is, this is not 1956 where newspaper advertisement and word of mouth marketing were the deal, even though it still plays a role in today’s marketplace.

To reach the kind of paying consumers you want, you have to be positioned right for it.

A few years back surfing the internet was such a struggle both to you the business person and to the consumers

But, since then so many innovative features have been created to make life easy for everyone, and in 2021 it gets better.

That’s why at Ducehost we have curated these 5 easy steps on how we create professional service-based websites for our customers;

Which Include:

  1. Integrating a scheduling system
  2. Adding the right pages
  3. Promoting your services
  4. Branding your website
  5. Keeping your site up-to-date


For the sake of convenience and efficiency, most customers prefer to schedule a service through your website instead of calling or stopping by in person. 

In order to keep up with their expectations and maximize your sales, you’ll need an online scheduling software so that you can accept bookings and payments through your website.

Scheduled appointments can be automatically synced with both your business and customers’ calendars. 

You and your staff will receive real-time booking updates when a client schedules an appointment. 


Think of all the content you want to add to your site and prioritize the important ones; 


This is very important, it’s the first impression you give your prospects or anyone at all about your business, your homepage is more about branding than it is direct-marketing, so it must be fully utilized (sell your brand confidently on your homepage)

Since the purpose of your site is to initiate bookings, you should also have a Book Now button placed above the fold. This gives users the option to book or schedule your services immediately upon arriving at your site.

The same goes for the booking page, about us, and any other page you see necessary for your website.


Once you’ve published your service website, promote it so that people learn about your brand. A great way to get started is by spreading the word on social media. For additional ways to build exposure and draw in customers.


To maintain the brand identity your customers recognize and love, we make sure those elements are carried over onto your website. Your brand color, custom logo and domain name.


To achieve the best possible results, keep your site fresh and up-to-date. This includes adapting to the latest trends and adding new blog content to build up your authority in your field.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post was helpful… Kindly leave a comment if so.