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Online vs Offline Education: Which one is Better?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 caught the world unawares in many ways.Things changed so fast. Every industry is adjusting to these changes as fast as they can. The education industry is not left behind.

One of such changes is the surge in online classrooms in replacement of the offline ones. Teachers and students have to quickly adapt to the online classroom model. If you haven’t made the switch yet, I know how challenging it is to engage with your students in these times.

However, the COVID situation aside, is online teaching better than offline? If you moved your class from classroom to the internet today, what advantages will you enjoy?

What are the benefits of online teaching?

Even if there was no COVID outbreak, you should consider having an online learning platform. The benefits are long-lasting, and you can continue to reap the fruits long after you retire. Here are some essential advantages that online teaching gives you.

Clear Cut Expectations and Objectives

With an online course, you can build your own curriculum based on the knowledge you’re passing across. In a well designed online class, the course objectives and expectations are easily accessible, sometimes it’s right there on the screen beside the main lesson video. This way, the student is always conscious of the objective. In an offline classroom, the teacher typically states the course objectives in the first class only. Of course, you will only enjoy this benefit if your course website is well designed. 

Track your student’s progress

With an online class, it’s easier to monitor your student’s understanding of everything you teach. A good online learning website should have a forum that allows communication between the tutor and students. Of course, this can happen in an offline classroom. However, students are more likely to ask for help on an online forum than in person. Every class has that super shy student that doesn’t want to ask questions. In an online forum, such people will find more motivation to post their needs and get help.

Build a Solid Reputation

These days, when you want to check if a business is legit, the first thing you do is google them, right? So, if you want your expertise to be known beyond your locality, you should set up an online classroom. Which one would you prefer – to set up a tutorial center in your neighbourhood, or to have the whole world come learn of your wisdom?  Your online class makes you visible to learners halfway across the world. This gets even better when you have a personal teaching website. There’s really no limit to how much money you can make teaching these courses.

Wrap Up

The best part of the online learning community is this: All you need is to be highly knowledgeable at what you’re teaching. Millions of people around the world are ready to pay to learn those things you already know. Why not reach out to them?  You can create an online course website with Ducehost or hire a highly experienced developer to help you out.

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