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There is a very good chance that only a small percent of customers that stumble across your landing page are actually interested in buying your products or services.

Depending on where you are getting your traffic from and the quality of your landing pages, sometimes this traffic can be close to well, 0%.

Often, they need convincing, information and reassurance that your business is going to be able to give them what they need.

If you want to turn your casual visitors, which will be majority of the people coming to your website, into high paying customers, you need to have an well-crafted landing page that guides them all the way to the checkout.

Landing Page optimization seems easy enough when you see it on paper, some salient questions to ask are:

What should your landing page include?

What do your customers really want to know?

All of these are great places to start when it comes to turning your landing pages into high converting sales machines.

choosing a layout or design that looks decent, optimizing it a little with some traditional rules and then send a bunch of traffic to it hoping to get a bite may not get you the conversions you are hoping for.

If you are not satisfied with your current conversion rates, here is how you can boost your conversion rates and turn your visitors into paying customers.

1. Discover What Drives Your Customers

There are really only two driving forces when it comes to the psychology of sales- pleasure, and pain.

More often than not, a customer is going to come to your business to either ease their pain or for their pleasure.

In order to influence the customers that are coming to your page, you first need to work out what is going to influence them.

This requires you to have a solid understanding of your audience and who they really are. You also need to work out the pleasure and pain points of your own business model.

For example, you may offer the best pair of jeans in the world, but if they take 30 days to ship, that right there could be a huge point of pain for most customers.

2.) Offer your customers a limited or Special Edition of your product

Have you ever wondered why car manufacturers bring out a new version of the same model every year?

Have you ever wondered why Apple launches a new iPhone every year?

This is not by mistake or a desperate attempt to make more money, this is a cleverly crafted psychology hack that can earn your business thousands.

People love things that are new, limited and special. We all want to get our hands on the latest and greatest.

One thing to be mindful of however, when using this tactic is that you don’t want to scare away your existing customers by constantly changing what you offer.

Remember, when it comes to updating and making your products appealing, often just a few small changes that are based on what your customers want can go a long way.

3.) Communicate the why of your products to your customer

 When it comes to your products and services, it’s not good enough to just list the specifications and leave it at that. You have to also communicate the “why”.

Humans are by nature, curious creatures. Whether you offer something for free or for a million dollars, your customers will want to know why.

By communicating the “why” and answering common questions within your marketing copy, these doubts can be easily erased.

This in turn, builds more security and confidence in their minds and leads to an increased conversion rate.

To put this into effect, your landing pages need to contain relevant and to the point information about why your customers need, want and will benefit from your business.

For example, one brand that was selling a “Startup Weekend Event” included reasons why people should attend. These reasons included education, networking, learning how to launch a business, working with thought leaders and so on.

By clearly explaining why, it helps to also take any guess work or doubt out of the buying process.

4.) Build Up the Excitement for your new products and services

If you are doing your job right, your customers should be super excited to work with your brand or receive your brand’s products and services.

Excitement and anticipation are huge when it comes to turning your visitors into customers and can help you to also create a loyal following.

Ecommerce stores and betting events in Nigeria are also very clever at building anticipation.

Have you noticed how Flash sales are going on Jumia and how Weeks before the Major football matches and grand finals, Betting websites are bombarded with media and advertising, which aims to prepare them for the big day?

When you focus on building the anticipation behind your event, products or services, it can be extremely powerful when it comes to achieving sales.

5.) Using Social Proof 

Social proof is a big one, especially right now as social media is such a huge part of people’s lives.

Essentially, when someone hears about your brand, products or services from someone who is close to them or similar to them, they are more likely to take action.

In order to use this effectively, consider sharing testimonials and social media stats on your landing page to help support your brand.

You can also highlight brands you have worked with that have clout or a strong reputation in your industry.

Even after you get the sale it is also important to maintain this mentality by sending a thank you email, a follow-up email, and information about their purchase.

By adopting these 5 techniques, you are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates and turn more of your visitors into customers.

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