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Both our arrangements include storing e-mails; pick only as many mailboxes you like.


We don't cap your mailbox size-so don't think about running out of space at all.


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Our email storage comes with combined spam security and malware protection, black and white lists.

Why use email services?

Your online marketing path begins by owning a domain name, and it's important to find the right one straight away. With optimum versatility and flexibility we sell hundreds of domain extensions (top-level domains) at Check if your favorite domain is still available, and find alternatives that are just as fantastic with ease.

Our domains also come at fantastic costs, from the all-time classics to imaginative and eccentric options. But not not buy one? To reap additional bonuses, file several domain extensions. Cross-border companies could benefit from registering local domains in their core markets, for example, while emerging entrepreneurs could consider cool new domain names to establish their brand identity. Common keywords that explain what you're doing are just another way to increase your web presence.

Migration is safe and simple

Chances are, your email address customized to isn't the very first mailbox ever. When you have emails from another company you are using today to take with you, our email hosting site will move them fully free of charge for you. This gives you the bonus of having one app to handle all your old addresses, making numerous logins and passwords a thing of the past. Our built-in platform is very easy to use and makes the migration a doddle.

Build different domain email addresses

Only our most simple plans provide storing emails at no additional expense, while the broader plans will accommodate thousands of email accounts with ease. Worried over so many email addresses being taken care of? Don't fret. Email addresses can be quickly handled, updated, and removed from a central control panel.

Enjoy a compact mailbox, free of advertising

Connect your email via Webmail in any browser or synchronize it with your favorite mobile app. Our email supports the common IMAP and POP3 protocols, while our Premium Mail includes Share ActiveSync to synchronize calendars and contacts on your mobile devices. It would go without saying our email hosting is absolutely free of irritating commercials.

Safe and efficient handling of Emails

Our email service is a lot more than just a personalized email address. We've provided an automated regular Webmail backup, built-in spam and virus protection as well as blacklists and trusted sender features with your security in mind. If your email is accessed from abroad you will also get an warning to unusual activity on your computer.

Take control of your mailbox

To consumers lost in the flood of incoming emails, email offers smooth integration with Sanebox, an automated retrieval platform that can help you quickly declutter your inbox. The efficient algorithms go beyond spam filtering to identify and distinguish various forms of content, so you can only see the most important texts. Here are four aspects in which Sanebox supports the email management.

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